Founded by Marcus Luer, Asia’s #1 Sports Marketing Entrepreneur and the Group CEO of TSA (Total Sports Asia), 23 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. TSA’s focus includes ESPORTS/E-GAMING, playing right at the intersection of both of these amazing entertainment genres. It will go way beyond media and sponsorship deals for Sports & Esports, it will include smart partnerships and new Revenue models for IP owners, Education, Health & Sports Tech and the latest digital technology for Fan engagement, Sports Master Planning, and Sports/Esports Venues and townships.

TSA’s role is always focused on developing new commercial opportunities and build larger platforms for rights holders, events, Venues and brands in the region or worldwide. TSA’s clients range from broadcasters, Asian multinationals to global corporations and governments seeking to maximize the power of sports for their own brand benefit. TSA provides a range of consulting services to these clients, for example, as the Commercial Partnership Consultant to KL Sports City, TSA created Malaysia’s first Venue Naming rights deal with the Axiata Arena. TSA is currently developing a 10 Year Sports Masterplan for an Asian Government, including grassroots, education to elite athlete training concepts. Sports Education is becoming a new driving force in Asia and TSA has partnered with the prestigious Loughborough University in the UK.
Total Esports (TES), is the latest venture, combining the expertise in sponsorship, media and events from the traditional world of sports to the booming Esports ecosystem. TES works with top E-gaming publishers, platforms and teams in Asia.

And in the process given BRANDS an opportunity to connect with the FANS, with their PASSION, their DREAMS and HOPES. We’ve always aimed for the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the SPORT, the FANS and our BRAND PARTNERS.

TSA Consulting

TSA creates opportunities for brands to leverage the power of Sports as a marketing and communications platform. A partnership with sports and entertainment properties is the most effective way for brands to create an emotional link with a clearly defined ‘Fan Base’ leading quickly to increased brand loyalty and sales.

TSA Partnerships

Using our strong networks and partners, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research, supported by local, regional and global trends focused on consumers, technology, and sports industry development. We gain a deep understanding of challenges and tease out key opportunities for growth.

TSA Digital

FANSPACE is a fan engagement-sponsorship platform to manage, grow and maximize your sponsorship partnerships. We are transforming the way brands engage with sports sponsorship and are unlocking new opportunities to engage with fans on a 1-1 level.