Company Overview

Dadabai Technology is an innovative next-generation technology solutions provider built on industry best practices for a wide range of market verticals to address the requirements of clients, ranging from Education to E-Sports and Gaming, from Healthcare to Retail. We are constantly updating our portfolio of products and services to introduce innovative applications of technology and expertise that enhance business opportunities and introduce new facets to different sectors of business and lifestyle. We are committed to enabling the deployment and delivery of tangible solutions, appropriate for every client requirement.

Building on a strong history of entrepreneurship and business success, our parent company Dadabai Holding has steadily moved into new areas of diversification, enhancing the business portfolio with an entry into the competitive arena of Information Technology and Business Process Automation. Leveraging unique strengths, strategic partnerships have served to empower enterprises with Customer Experience (CX) and Enterprise Technology- wide collaborations.

Our Core Team

We work with talented teams of professionals that understand the eco system and global trends, bring ideas and innovation to the table and deliver the highest standards of performance across all business engagements.

Driven by a team of innovators, distinguished by vast experience in diversified technologies, we channel the strength of computing, automation and artificial intelligence to help our clients successfully navigate the digital world. Through a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end services, we are committed to enabling a smart and connected community and to promoting the economy in dynamic and sustainable ways.

Our Vision

We are committed to becoming the leading technology solution provider in the region with a focus on strategic alliance and value addition to make our clients’ digital journey smoother and their business activities more productive.

Our Philosophy

Using disruptive, cutting-edge digital transformation services and innovative solutions with a customer-focused approach.

Our Values

Innovation. Transparency. Honesty. Highest standards of Business Practice.
This what we stand for.